Anomalies is the 200th Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

A young man works with a professor, who is trying to document "anomalies" - strange architectural features for which no reasonable explanation can be found, which seem to appear spontaneously. In his first semester, the young man heard about the teacher, who was hated by the vast majority of her students. Interested, he visited in her office, which is strangely located in a corridor next to a staircase, and signed up for one of her classes. He quickly began spending a lot of his spare time with her.

Searching for anomalies requires a detailed knowledge of the history of local architecture and building companies, as strange construction habits or mistakes are the cause of most odd features. Although the professor is often uncommunicative, over time the young man learns about this, and he spends more and more of his time searching for anomalies, either alone or with her. In the process, he neglects his social life, and begins to wonder about the implications of the anomalies, which the professor suggests may result from some kind of interaction with other dimensions or worlds.

As graduation approaches, the man goes out all night searching for anomalies. He wonders if the professor wants him to stay on as a grad student, and resolves to ask her to let him stay. After an all nighter, he comes home to an answerphone message from the professor, asking him to come see her urgently, and he hurries over, believing she has made a break-through. However, when he turns the corner to her office, the door has disappeared.

A moment later, the young man's clothes and facial hair change. Suddenly he has no memory of the professor, and he is visiting an upstairs office in order to collect some forms. He is a normal student with a number of close friends planning to leave the university after graduation.

As he exits the building, the comic demonstrates the appearance of a new anomaly outside.