The Bullied is the 209th Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

A fan comes to talk to General Pete after a gig, and asks about a picture of a wedding he is looking at on his phone. He then raises a toast "To the bullied!" and explains that there was a kid Steve at his high school that everyone picked on. Pete was friends with Steve at first, but eventually caved to peer pressure and turned on him. Steve later transferred to a different school.

Looking Steve up online years later, he discovered the wedding photo, in which Steve looks incredibly happy and in love, and the information that Steve was married on Pete's birthday, July 18th. He feels that Steve's happiness is a kind of karma, resulting from the courage he showed in continuing to come to school while he was being bullied, while Pete's lack of happiness arises from the cowardice that caused him to turn on Steve. However, he's glad things worked out for Steve, hence the toast.

The fan then says that she was planning on hitting on Pete, but has been distracted by the story, which causes Pete to reflect that this is definitely karma.