zanadu is the 216th Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

A girl and a boy walking home from their last day of high school decide to explore a local abandoned house, and begin using it as their summer getaway. As they explore over several weeks, they begin to find dictionary-style definitions of made-up words, always preternaturally relevant to the situation in which the definition was found and usually written on small pink slips of paper.

Over the course of the summer they puzzle over the mystery, and begin to recover from high school and prepare to leave for college. Their friendship gradually transforms into a sexual relationship. However, after a while they eventually invite friends over to share the mystery, and the house quickly becomes a popular hang-out, with many visitors who know nothing of the definitions. Finally, after a band throws an impromptu performance there, the floor collapses under the weight of too many people. Though no-one is seriously hurt, the house is demolished.

The friends leave for university and soon lose touch with each other. Twenty years later, the girl returns with her child to visit the spot where the house used to stand. In the grass, she finds one final definition on a pink slip of paper: a definition for 'zanadu' which reflects her nostalgia and appreciation for the joy she felt that summer.