This is the 219th Subnormality comic. The character 'ə' is known as a schwa, but here represents a combination of 'a' and 'e', so the title can also been written as 'dual duel'.

Plot Summary Edit

PHG waves to Sphynx from the window of a bus, incurring the judgement of her fellow passengers who want to know how she can stand to be friends with a monster that eats people. She remembers a number of similar conversations in the past, which led to her seeking advice from various people she is close to: one of her parents, Ethel, and a work colleague. She also visits the Nonreligious Confessional to discuss her problems.

Although everyone she knows assures her she is a good person, she worries that she is too good at justifying her own actions to herself. Eventually she comes to a resolution via a late-night conversation with an unseen partner, eventually revealed to be herself. The strip then returns to the original conversation on the bus, and PHG answers that everyone is conflicted, but that she values the Sphynx's friendship.

In a parallel comic (which chronologically begins almost immediately after the first ends), PHG discusses her lack of self-confidence with the Sphynx, noting that she wants to change but isn't sure how. She asks whether people have always been conflicted, and the Sphynx draws a comparison between internal conflict and the variation within the human race, which has led to progress both good and bad, and suggests that PHG try to accept her internal conflicts.

PHG then gives Sphynx a new scarf, mentioning that the shop assistants were rude to her for being friends with a monster. When Sphynx asks if that happens a lot, PHG lies and says no.