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This is the 26th Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary[]

PHG visits a mall shoe shop called "Moron Shoes" which claims "Even our prices are stupid". She is excited by the low prices, but quickly finds herself frustrated by the difficulty interacting with the shop assistant, and leaves.


Panel 1

Sign: Moron shoes inc. "Even our prices are stupid!"

Panel 2

PHG: Fifteen dollars?! Oh my God! This is SO Awesome!!

Panel 3

PHG: Hey, how's it going? Do you have these in a size six??

Panel 4

Sales clerk: Sorry, I have no idea.

Panel 5 <no text>

Panel 6

PHG: Could you check..?

Panel 7

Sales clerk: Oh, okay.

Panels 8, 9 & 10 <no text>

Panel 11 *SIGH*

Panel 12

Sales clerk: Yeah, we do.

PHG: Okay, this is so not worth it.

Mouseover text: the filename used to have her name in it, but i changed it before anyone noticed