This is the 28th Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

A number of "true stories" behind well-known historical figures.

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was a savage, ten-ton mass of teeth and claws- the top of the food chain and king of the dinosaurs! ... But recent research has revealed that it was more likely a timid, ungainly scavenger, and not the fearome predator of legend! This is just one of the thousands of HISTORICAL MISCONCEPTIONS that have given us the impression that the world is far more interesting than it actually is.

Panel 2

Young Joan of Arc heroically led the French to victory at Orleans in 1429 and then was burned at the stake for her religious convictions. ... But in reality, "she" was an illiterate, schizophrenic troll who was only mistaken for a teenage girl because of his short stature and flowing locks. Though formidable in battle, "Joan" was burned alive by his own troops because of his overpowering body odor.

Panel 3

In 1969, Man landed on the moon. The event was broadcast on network television. ... But not only was the moon landing faked on a sound stage -- the faking ITSELF was faked! The Chinese produced the original "Moon Landing" video, the completed film of which was stolen by KGB before being intercepted by the CIA in 1968. The film was then dubbed into English, the visible Chinese insignia were replaced using film-making trickery, and the video was then broadcast to an unsuspecting American public.

Panel 4

Rocker Kurt Cobain wrote some of the best music of the 1990's and was arguably the voice of a generation. ... But it was recently revealed that he never actually existed! His public persona was played by veteran character actor Deshawn Thordason, his music was performed by three middle-aged session musicians, and his songs were written by a team of yuppie Geffen records interns- all in service to the almight dollar. Once his profitability had begun to wane, "Kurt" was killed off in early 1994.

Mouseover text: i drew him right handed again JUST TO DISAPPOINT YOU