Down at the Gas Station is the second Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

PHG is trying to buy an air freshener. When she asks about the options, the assistant gives a long and vividly imaginative description of one of the scents. She opts for that one.

Transcript Edit

Panel 1:

PHG: Hey, How's it going? I need, like, an air freshener. My car is the wrong kind of funky!

Panel 2:

Attendant: Okay, we have 2 brands of air freshener. This green one, and this red one here.

PHG: Wicked! What's the diff?

Panel 3:

Attendant: Well, they both have a pretty nice scent. The green one is a bit like a field of sage, and the red one is more like a psychidelic New Year's Eve muppet show at the MGM Grand with the house lights up and the trans-siberian orchestra playing four songs at once supported by AC/DC and three brass bands and the stage is being invaded by the performers and the Cleveland Browns and people are trading clothes and pitching tents in the aisles and Kermit the Frog is on stilts singing national anthems through a megaphone and the noise is deafening but people are chanting and screaming with joy and the whole thing is being MCed by Liberace and an orgasming Raquel Welch from 1971 and it's about 2 seconds to midnight.

Panel 4:

PHG: Okay, the red one.

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