Opposite World is the ninth Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

In an 'Opposite World' where clocks and calenders run backwards, Raoul and Shamus admire a female boss who is harsh to her subordinates as a 'taskmaster' who 'gets things done', but call a male boss with a similar attitude a bitch.

Transcript Edit

Panel #1

Boss Lady: Jenkins! I need that report by lunchtime! Put down the coffee and get to work!! You're not getting paid to stare at the walls!

Panel #2

Employee #1: Wow, what an uncompromising taskmaster!

Employee #2: Yeah, she really gets things done!

Panel #3

Boss man: Hey, Jenkins! I'm gonna need you to retype this! There's at least five typos, for Godssake! You're not getting paid to misspell common words!

Panel #4

Employee #1: God, what a bitch!

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