Transcript of: Down at the Restaurant/Bar

Prepanel text: It's been tough since the empire went under

Panel 1

Waitress: Hi, sorry to interrupt - a guy sent this over for you!

PHG: Oh, no way!

PHG's Friend: Ooo. What is that, a caesar? Who sent it?

Panel 2

Waitress: It's jaguar blood, actually. It's from the guy in the corner there. He said his name was, um,, the merciless teoxhi - something something. It was kinda complicated, sorry! I thinkk he's from South America, Maybe?

Panel 3 <no text>

Panel 4

PHG: I guess I should go over there. I don't want to be rude...

PHG's friend: Gawd, these desperate older guys are so creepy. You just know he's hoping you're a virgin too.

Page title: Actually, he's from Central America