Let's all get Plastic Surgery!

Panel 1

Narrator: Why consider plastic surgery? Sometimes a little self maintenance can be a good idea! A few subtle improvements can have you feeling refreshed and re-energized in your daily routine.

Woman: Oh my god, if I just looked like Beyonce then all my problems would be solved!!

Panel 2

Narrator: You can be assured that your procedure will be performed by qualified competent professionals in a sanitary environment.

Surgeon: Implant

Nurse: Implant

Panel 3

Narrator: Afterwards, you'll be thrilled with the comments you recieve from passers-by as they get a look at the new you!

Lady: Yikes! You know SHE's had work done!

Man: No kidding.

Panel 4

Narrator: But don't do it for them - do it for yourself! The boost to your confidence and self-esteem will be well worth it!

Woman: Oh my God, I'm still not perfect!! My nose is GIGANTIC!!