Transcript of: Technically that's not ice cream

Panel 1

Server: Hello, and welcome to movie cone!

Customer: Uh, Hi. Movie-flavored ice cream? Really?

Sign: MOVIE CONE / movie-flavored treats since 2008

Sign: Try the JUNO *NEW*

Panel 2

Server: Yuppers! We take your favorite films and stick 'em in a cone for you! Figuratively, at least. Like the "Star Wars," which is one scoop black licorice and one scoop vanilla to represent the two sides of the force. Or the "Return of the Jedi," which is the same thing except it's festooned with gummi bears. Or there's the "Matrix Trilogy," which i sone small scoop of strawberry delight completely obscured by two huge globs of rocky road. We've got a flavor or flavor combo for probably any movie you can think of.

Panel 3

Customer: ANY movie? Okay, how about a "Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo"!

Server: Sure! Hey Mongo, I need a deuce bigalow!

Panel 4

Mongo: Coming right up.

Sign: MEN

Poster: The BIG blue (le grand bleu)

Bottle: Metamucil

Panel 5

Customer: Okay, so I'm reconsidering my decision to order an ironic flavor...

Server: Never mind, Mongo!

Mongo: Too late.

File name: neverorderthedeuce.jpg