People Watching is a webseries created, written, directed and illustrated by Winston Rowntree which follows a diverse group of people in their 30s through their everyday lives. This series has a different cast to Subnormality but makes many references to the comic.

Season One was released on the Cracked Youtube channel during February - April 2017. Season Two was crowdfunded, and began airing in August 2018.

Characters Edit

  • Candy aka Joan - A blonde stripper who is highly intelligent and hates being stereotyped. Voiced by Natalia Bushnik.
  • Jeremy - A red-haired man who feels like he's late to discovering himself. Voiced by Frank Phillips.
  • Safra - A black woman who struggles with depression and anxiety. Voiced by Hannan Younis.
  • Jackson - A black-haired man who uses popularity to hide his pain. Voiced by Jon Blair.
  • Flossy - A singer who is so anxious she cannot talk to her fans. Voiced by Bracken Burns.
  • Ted - An Asian-American writer/comedian who struggles to make money in spite of artistic success. Martha's best friend. Voiced by Andrew Knobbs.
  • Janis - A freckled woman who has been through a lot. Voiced by Ermina Perez.
  • Greg - A black man with glasses who is successful but wishes he was part of the cool artistic crowd. Voiced by Frederick Gietz.
  • Martha - A brunette woman who has strong opinions and a sharp tongue, but cares deep down. Voiced by Kate Conway.
  • Centa - A lesbian woman with a crush on Flossy. Voiced by Chantale Renee.

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

  1. Dating Doesn't Work aka Why Speed Dating Is Terrible
  2. The Non-Religious Confessional aka Why Non Religious Confessionals Should Be A Thing
  3. I Want To Believe aka Why Dating With Depression Is So (Bleeping) Hard
  4. Death Is Bullshit aka How Humans Will Eventually Beat Death
  5. Friendzone aka How 'Friends' Invented The Friendzone
  6. "Your Favorite Artist" aka Why Your Favorite Artist Doesn't Want To Meet You
  7. Secret Losers Anonymous aka The One Self Help Group We'd Actually Join
  8. Writing To An Old Teacher aka The Importance of Reaching Out To Old Teachers
  9. In Defense Of Talking During The Movie aka Watching A Movie At Home Vs The Theaters
  10. Nostalgia aka Why Nostalgia Is Total Bull

Season Two Edit

  1. 2017: A Documentary About A Year
  2. Hanging Out With My Brother
  3. Homeless People Bother Me
  4. 37
  5. 20s
  6. Prejudice
  7. The Women Men Don't See
  8. The Museum of Alternate Realities
  9. Love
  10. Hope In Every Box

References to Subnormality Edit