Transcript of: Science Fair

Panel 1

Judge: Okay, next we have Suzy from our grade 6 class! What’s this you have here?

Nametag: Judge

Poster: How Many?

Panel 2

Suzy: Well, the other day I read a news story about some people in Australia who locked their uncle in a room and played a Frank Sinatra song over and over again really loud until the uncle went crazy and committed suicide! I was like, “This gives me an idea!”

Panel 3

Suzy: So my experiment is: If a recording of a Frank Sinatra song can kill one person, then how many people can an Invincible Robot Frank Sinatra kill?

Panel 4


Judge: Oh Suzy, you’ve really done something stupid here!

Suzy: Yeah… I hate school.

Panel 5

Narration: Soon…

Newspaper: 76 ¢/ The Daily Shout/ Sept.19 2008/ Published since 1843 ROBOT SINATRA RUNS RAMPANT/ Thousands are burned alive/ Chaos in streets, cul-de-sacs/ Girl, 12, implicated/ Sports: pg 24

Panel 6

Newspaper: : 76 ¢/ The Daily Shout/ Sept.21 2008/ Published since 1843 ROBOT SINATRA OVERTHROWS GOVERNMENT/ Did it “his way”/ Human race to be subjugated in Q4/ Armed for… Brought t… Knees,… Crooned… to death/

Panel 7

Newspaper: : 76 ¢/ The Daily Shout/ Sept.27 2008/ Published since 1843 ROBOT SINATRA SEIZES CONTROL OF ALL MEDIA/ Goodbye to our readers

Panel 8

Newspaper: Ding/ The Dooby Dooby Doo/ Doob.28 2008/ Ring-a-ding-a-ding-a-doo/ BAM CHICKA-BAM, CHICKA-BOOM BOOM BOOM/ Shalang shalang boom, shalang shalang boom/ Ring-a-ding dooby ring-a-doo-ding

Panel 9

Narration: Ten years later… A mighty palace blots out the sun, an iron fist rules over all, and the few human survivors scurry like rats among the basements of a ruined civilization..

Palace: S


Building graffiti: HELP US

Panel 10

Survivor leader: My god, It’s her! Ready your sharp implements, we’ve found her – the one responsible for the –

Suzy: The downfall of society? I know, I know, I’m really sorry about that. Please don’t rise as one and slay me though – I’m working on another project that’ll take back the streets from that awful machine.

Note on wall: To Do: -retake planet - find self

Box: Scavenged parts

Panel 11

Survivor leader: But how? What is this you speak of?

Suzy: There’s only one way to stop that goddamn thing. It worked once before, it’ll work again!

Robot Elvis: UH HUH.

Notepaper on Whiteboard: 150 Watt…

Whiteboard: Notes/ Targeting system/ gyrating 35 ̊max/ *install self-destruct in case it gets too powerful.

Narration: Just the beginning!

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