Transcript of: Speed Dating Follies

Panel 1

Theresa: Hi, I'm Theresa. I like your Glasses! Tell me about yourself.

Panel 2

Gustav: Well, I'm a professional wrestler actually. Gustav Mauler! I compose the most stirring bodyslams, and I conduct a symphony of flying elbows!

Panel 3

Theresa: Wow, that's so weird..! The last guy I dated was a pro wrestler!

Panel 4

Gustav: Ha! Not one of my arch-nemeses I hope!

Panel 5

Theresa: Huge German guy? Always wore black&yellow and a powdered wig?

Panel 6

Gustav: You dated the Africanized Beethoven?! He who is deaf to cries for mercy?!

Panel 7

Theresa: Um, yeah...

Panel 8

Gustav: Well this is going to be long, awkward seven minutes.

page title: too often have I felt his sting!