Surprise Ending

Panel 1

Anneliese: Full?

Marie: You're not kidding! So how much shoul we tip?

Panel 2

Anneliese: I think the rule of thumb is 10%, but that's what my dad tips and he's cheap so maybe 15%?

Panels 3,4&5

Marie: Cool. Hey, "rule of thumb-" doesn't that come from...

Anneliese: ... An old law that said it was okay to beat your wife as long as the stick you used was no wider than your thumb?

Panel 6

Marie: Yeah!

Anneliese No, it's an urban legend actually. I read about it once - there was never any such law, not here or in England.

Panel 7

Marie: Really? So someone just made that awful story up?

Anneliese: Yep!

Panel 8&9

Marie: Hmm...  ... So isn't that pretty much just as disturbing as if there were a law like that?

Panel 10

Anneliese: On the whole, yeah it - AAAH!!

  • BAM*


Mouseover text: The ending is unexpected. That's the joke.