Transcript of: Running time: Approx. 3 sec.

Panel 1

Filmperson: Hey, don't walk in our shot! You're gonna have to go around behind us.

Panel 2

Passerby: Oh, sorry. You're filming something?

Filmperson: Yeah, but our deal is more conceptual. Okay, quiet on set! Ready, Sonya?

Sonya: Yeah!

Filmperson's T-shirt: Algebra Suicide

Panel 3

Filmperson: Scene one! ACTION!

Panel 4

Filmperson: ...aaand CUT! That's a wrap!

Panel 5

Passerby: What the hell movie was that?

FIlmperson: "Iron Man", "Se7en", "Casino", "Batman Begins", The "Star Wars" Trilogy, pretty much every Spielberg film, "Goodfellas", "L.A. Confidential", "The Princess Bride", "The Last Samurai", "Die Hard", and every science fiction movie except "Aliens".

Other filmperson: Plus all those Kubrick films

Panel 6

Passerby: How is... What?? How?

Filmperson: We took out the male characters. Okay, clear the frame sonya - We're gonna shoot some Mamet.

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