Transcript of: A Man For One Season

Panel 1

S. Claus: Hi there, I have a dinner reservation for 7:30. "S. Claus."

Maitre'D: Excellent, sir. S. Claus, 7:30PM. Your table is by the window towards the back, or you may relax in the lounge before your meal.

Panel 2

Maitre'D: Say now – "S. Claus..." You're not... No, of course you're not.

S. Claus: No, I am.

Maitre'D: Really? Santa Claus?! My goodness me! But you're so...

Panel 3

S. Claus: ...Trim? Urbane? What can I say- a Big Mac doesn't look like the picture either. I've never been overweight, and I've certainly never had a big homeless guy beard. Don't ogle my wife, by the way. I'm not angry, just don't do it.

Maitre'D: Wouldn't dream of it, sir. Wouldn't dream of it.

Panel 4

Maitre'D: Hey, so how do you do it, if you don't mind me asking? How do you deliver toys to everyone in the world in one night?

S. Claus: I skip all the poor kids' houses.