Transcript of: The Jackbooted Thugs

Panel 1

Raoul: So I just handed it in late! Like two days late! They didn't even notice! Dude, you're not listening to my hilarious story! What's wrong?

Panel 2

Shamus: Do you realize we're in a comic called "The Jackbooted Thugs"?

Raoul: Yeah, so?

Panel 3

Shamus: So, unless it's a typo, I assume that some jackbooted thugs are gonna appear at some point! I can't see THAT being good!

Panel 4

Raoul: Then it probably IS a typo. We're two guys sitting in a cafe talking about whatever. I don't see a lot of potential for thug intervention, do you?

Panel 5

Shamus: Yeah, but this is probably one of THOSE comic strips, where strange, random things happen out of the blue! Thugs could just appear for no reason at any moment and bury a tire iron in the back of my head!

Panel 6

Raoul: Oh, come on! Do you really see that happening? It's either a friggin typo or it's one of those stupid metaphorical things! You know-WE'RE the jackbooted thugs because we're uncaring business guys who make our money off the backs of the less fortunate or something. Some crap like that!

Panel 7

Shamus: You figure?

Raoul: Well, it's been seven panels and nothing's happened yet, so what do YOU think?

Panel 8

Shamus: Yeah, maybe.

Panel 9

Shamus: But maybe they're just HIDING, waiting for, like a verbal cue from us or something..!

Raoul: Hiding?! Waiting for a verbal cue?! Sounds more like the jackbooted nancy boys!

Panel 10