Transcript of: Truth NinjaEdit

Truth Ninja Strikes Again

Panel 1

Long haired dude: Hey, D'you wanna have a look, baby? You said you wanted a cat, right?

Short haired chick: Oh yeah, totally! They'd better be cuuuute..!

Box: Free Kittens

Mailbox: Post

Trash bin: 417

Apt # 417/ 417B

Panel 2


Long haired dude: ?

Panel 3

Truth Ninja: HA!

Panel 4

Truth Ninja: HO!

Panel 5: * twirrrr

Panel 6

Box: Free Kittens *


Panel 7

Long haired dude: Hey, do you see this?

Short haired chick: Man with straw hat is – Holy Shit! Let's get out of here!!

Man with straw hat: Aw, ya dang ninja!!

Box: Free Kittens*

Below Comic

*"Kittens are actually unconvincingly-decorated potatoes. Man with straw hat is insane. Yellow trash bin contains victims.


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